Floods and landslides claim 61 lives this year


October 2, 2023


Floods and landslides claim 61 lives this year

Swollen Hewa Khola in Panchthar district/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The impact of floods and landslides during this year’s monsoon season has left a toll in its wake, with 61 lives lost and 29 individuals reported missing.

The Disaster Preparedness and Response Branch stated that 69 people have sustained injuries as a result of these natural disasters since the onset of the monsoon.

The havoc wreaked by nature has extended to the destruction of numerous homes, with 242 houses completely devastated and an additional 711 homes suffering partial damage due to the relentless floods and landslides.

This calamity has spread its reach far and wide, affecting a staggering 60 districts across Nepal.

Normally entering Nepal around June 10th, this year’s monsoon arrived slightly later on June 13th and took approximately one week to fully engulf the entire country.

While the expected departure date of the monsoon is October 2nd, the Monsoon Forecasting Division has already issued a foreboding announcement: the monsoon season is expected to be prolonged this year, potentially compounding the suffering and destruction already witnessed.