Economic boost thru tourism sector promotion: Minister Kirati


July 1, 2023


Economic boost thru tourism sector promotion: Minister Kirati

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Sudan Kirati. (File photo)

BHOJPUR: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has said the country could be made economically robust by making planned development of the tourism sector.

Addressing the cleanliness campaign organized at his home district, Bhojpur, under ‘Our Heritage Good Heritage’, today, Minister Kirati laid emphasis that citizens themselves should play a role in the development of their area.

He stressed that all should improve their behavior and environment to attract tourists, adding that citizens-level leadership was necessary to make tourist areas clean and beautiful.

The Minister further said, “Our responsibility is to make our country more beautiful. There will be a contribution to nation-building if we can provide two hours a week for the development of our respective places.”

It is imperative to make tourists stay in our respective places, he mentioned. District Hospital as well as market areas were cleaned under the leadership of Minister Kirati.

Similarly, the Mayor of Bhojpur Municipality, Kailash Kumar Ale, shared that citizens themselves should be aware of the continuity of the cleaning campaign, stating, “We cleaned market area in the presence of Minister. Citizens themselves should be aware of such drive.”

Likewise, the Chief of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Division Office, Devnath Singh, pointed out that citizens should lead for the cleanliness of the market area, expressing commitment to provide the necessary support for the same.

Government offices, security agencies, and different organizations in the district participated in the program. Minister Kirati also reached the visitor’s house at the District Hospital and planted saplings on the hospital premises.