Waste at Teku transfer station will be managed in two days: KMC


August 31, 2022


Waste at Teku transfer station will be managed in two days: KMC

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KATHMANDU: The work on final management of the entire waste dumped at Teku station over the last four months will be over in the coming two days, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) said.

The solid waste collected from the Kathmandu Valley had been temporarily managed at Teku since the last four months after the locals of Sisdol and Bancharedanda obstructed transporting the waste to these landfill sites.

They caused obstruction in the waste management, citing the works on repairing the local roads were not carried out in time and their demands as providing health facilities, education and employment to the locals were not met in line with the agreement the KMC signed with them in the past.

The locals created obstruction in waste management sometimes vandalizing the trucks carrying the waste and sometimes by blocking the road in protest.

The waste that had been piling up on the roadside and streets in the Valley started to be collected and carried to the landfill sites at Sisdol and Bancharedanda after a four-point agreement was reached in the third week of this month with the locals.

KMC Environment Department chief Sarita Rai said, “The final management of the waste dumped at the transfer station at Teku would be done in the next two days.”

The waste at Teku transfer station had not been managed since April 25. (RSS)