“You need to spend millions to win elections”

Dhiraj Basnet

August 31, 2022


“You need to spend millions to win elections”

KATHMANDU: Main opposition party CPN-UML has decided to go to the upcoming elections by putting forward party Chairman KP Oli as the future prime minister.

While the final exercise of seat distribution in the five-party coalition is going on, UML has put forward Oli, who is also a former prime minister, as the future prime minister.

The UML claims that it will increase from 30 percent of the votes received in the local elections by 16 percent and achieve a single majority.

In this context, Khabarhub’s Dhiraj Basnet approached UML Vice-Chairman Yubaraj Gyawali to talk about UML’s plan for the forthcoming election. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

What are the bases for UML to get a single majority?

Even though the five parties coalition stood as one to contest in the local level elections, UML stood second in terms of the number of seats.

Our party stood first in terms of public opinion. CPN-UML’s views and opinions are in favor of the people and the nation.

The works done by UML so far are progressive and pro-people. The organizational network of UML has been further expanded from ward to ward more than any other party for a long.

CPN-UML is the most well-organized party in Nepal with a wide range of workers. It has got about 1 million leaders and cadres striving actively for the betterment of the party and the nation.

On these bases, UML will bag the majority. Compared to the previous government, the present government is a failure. People’s backs have been crushed by high prices. The economy continues to decline. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened. Corruption has increased. There is a mess everywhere.

People have felt the change in the government and remember the work done by KP Oli-led government. They are fed up with the current government.

Do you mean UML had not committed any mistakes while running the government?

One is likely to commit mistakes while doing work. But in comparison, the people have realized that the UML Chair Oli-led government had done a better job than the current government.

No government prior to it had claimed the land of Limpiyadhura, Lipulek, they never dared to say that the Indian army should be removed from there. But the UML government did it. No one speaks about nationality now.

What about the Oli government’s attempt to paralyze the parliamentary system by dissolving the House of Representatives twice in six months? Do you think people approve of such deeds?

34 percent of the people have directly felt and voted for UML in the local elections. It shows people understand the issues better; hence, they supported UML despite the coalition’s worst efforts to nullify UML.

What changes did the UML government bring to the people’s lives?

More than what changes the UML government brought in the lives of people, one should judge the then government on the basis of what efforts it made for the betterment of the people and the nation. Good work brings positive change.

Bad works have adverse impacts. 3.5 years is not enough to change people’s lives. Problems are everywhere. Positive efforts were remarkable then. When one errs, one has to realize and make corrections. One should promise not to repeat them.

Independent polls said that provided UML contests alone against the ruling coalition, UML will be confined to nine seats in the federal parliament. What do you say about it?

Internally, a person is capable in some way. Everyone observes. The main thing is the people, only after the people cast their votes does one knows the reality. Our surveys have different findings.

Will you contest directly or proportionally in the forthcoming election?

I did not join politics for personal gain. I did not join politics to bag the post of a lawmaker or Minister. I went underground resigning from the post of Headmaster of a secondary school during the Panchayat system.

Then and now also my conviction is to be instrumental in bringing positive changes in the lives of people. My aim is to work to bring substantive changes in the lives of people. I have already got elected proportionally. I believe that a person who got elected proportionally should not be repeated.

Should the party enforce the provision of not repeating lawmakers proportionally or not giving tickets to the leaders above 74 years?

In my opinion, the people who got elected through a proportional system should not be repeated. If they want to be in parliament, they should contest directly.

The election is getting very expensive. It is said that only the corrupt can afford it. Why did not your party raise this issue in the parliament and other forums?

Elections are very expensive. Many leaders say that millions go into an election. It is high time for all parties to work on this and find some common solution so that ethics and sacrifices for the sake of people are valued more than money. We have started the discussion. All should work collectively for the wayout.