Gandaki province government to increase access to free basic, emergency health services


January 31, 2022


Gandaki province government to increase access to free basic, emergency health services

Building of Gandaki Province Assembly. (File Photo)

POKHARA: The Gandaki province government is all set to take measures to increase citizen’s access to affordable and quality health facilities.

The province government has geared up to make additional efforts for people’s accessibility to healthcare services bearing in mind existing challenges and issues in the related sector.

As the government said, it will be adopting the ‘one doctor/health worker: one institution’ policy for ensuring the presence of health professional in each health facility. Province minister for health and population Madhumaya Adhikari said it was the responsibility of the government to guarantee people’s right to health which is enshrined as the people’s fundamental right by the Constitution.

The province government has first time drafted the health policy since its establishment.

As the minister pledges, the government will work in collaboration with the federal and local governments so that people’s access to equitable and quality health services could be guaranteed as envisaged by the federalism.
“People’s access to free basic and emergency healthcare services will be enhanced,” she said, adding that free basic health facilities would be rendered through the health institutions.

According to the Ministry, each ward in the districts in the Province will have a facility to provide basic healthcare services. Similarly, the government adopts the policy of rendering emergency health services from all health institutions and making arrangements for required sources for the same.

More, the government decides to do more for further effectiveness of immunisation and nutrition programme.
“The number of maternity waiting room and birthing centres will be increased in cooperation with local levels for the improvement of the status of reproductive health, child health and the health of adolescents,” the Minister said.

The government has a plan to airlift ill pregnant woman, new mother and infants from remote areas of the country to a well-equipped hospital for their treatment. It also plans to expand free safe maternity and reproductive health service.

Similarly, management of treatment of newly born and children in an integrated way and services like reproductive health, immunization and nutrition programmes would be made effective as mentioned in the health policy.

All health institutions should have availability of contraceptives and hospitals at provincial level should regularly provide vasectomy service.

Family planning camp and satellite clinic should be run as per need in the community. Physical exercises and health checkups and toilets should be managed at schools and iron pills, sanitary pads and drinking water should be distributed.