Karnali corridor road disrupted for around month now


October 30, 2022


Karnali corridor road disrupted for around month now

Karnali Corridor/File

KATHMANDU: The Karnali corridor roadway, which was disrupted by a landslide around a month ago, is yet to be resumed.

Dry landslide continues to occur at Lusa of Sanni Triveni rural municipality-1 along the corridor since October 5.

The disruption of the road has hit the supply of daily consumer goods to Kalikot, Bajura, Mugu and Humla districts.

Though excavators are standby at the landslide-hit sites to clear off the landslide debris, they are still in the situation of wait and see as the dry landslide still continues at the site, according to Nishant Construction Service Company proprietor Anant Baral.

He suggested construction of a retaining wall using mesh wire at the area to mitigate the landslide.

“Even a minor wind causes the dry landslide here,” said Hilsa Simkot Road Project chief Birendra Yadav.

“We are on standby to clear the debris and waiting for the landslide risk to subside to start works.”

Under the Karnali corridor, Kalikot shares 40 kilometers of road followed by 43 kilometers in Bajura and 113 kilometers in Humla.