Case filed against production of sub-standard food products


July 30, 2022


Case filed against production of sub-standard food products

Food Technology and Quality Control Office/Photo for Representation

HETAUDA: The Food Technology and Quality Control Office, Hetauda has filed a case against eight industries producing low quality food items in the last fiscal year 2022/23.

The industries were dragged to the respective district court or district administration office.

Out of the seven cases of last year and the previous year, four cases are still to be decided.

A total of 11 cases were filed in the past two years, according to annual report published by the office.

Last year, the office received six complaints from consumers, in which cases have been filed based on two of the complaints while instructions were issued in two other cases.

The report mentions that the office is working the stakeholders for effective implementation of the existing food laws and regulations aimed at protecting the health of the consumers.

During the year, the office carried out monitoring of 60 markets, 210 industries and 41 hotels and restaurants and eateries.

Last year, the office issued 29 food and feed production licenses, renewed 104 while 78 recommendations were made for establishment of industries, the office said.

According to the information officer of the office, Pragati Adhikari, out of 2,120 food samples analyzed by the office in the last financial year, 96 samples were found sub-standard.

The office also collected 1,962,900 rupees in revenue in the last financial year.