Farmers relieved with light rain


July 30, 2022


Farmers relieved with light rain

Rainfall/File Photo

MAHOTTARI: Rain on Friday evening has finally brought some relief to the farmers looking for a good paddy plantation season.

On Friday, rainfall took place mostly around the east-west highway in Mahottari, Dhanusha and Sarlahi districts.

The farmers of Mahottari say that even though the rain was not enough for paddy plantation it saved the previously planted saplings from dying.

Farmer Rambinod Mahato of Pashupatinagar in Bardibas-9 said that the recent rains have given relief to the plants of sugarcane, vegetables and fruits planted this season.

In Mahottari this year, due to lack of good rain since mid-June, the expected rice planting has not been possible.

Out of the total cultivable land in the district of about 70 thousand hectares, about 50 thousand hectares are considered suitable for paddy cultivation.

According to Agriculture Knowledge Centre in Jaleshwar, Mahottari, a little more than 50 percent planting has been completed in the district so far.

Dr. Ramchandra Yadav, senior agricultural development officer of the office, says that even now if there is good rain transplantation of paddy saplings can be done throughout next two weeks.

As only 10 percent of the total arable land in the district is irrigated, farming here is dependent on rainfall.