Shankharapur to provide free health and education services


September 29, 2022


Shankharapur to provide free health and education services

Building of the Shankharapur Municipality in Kathmandu/File Photo for Representation

KATHMANDU: Shankharapur municipality located in the northeast of the federal capital, Kathmandu, has come up with a program to provide free health and education.

Shankharapur Mayor Ramesh Napit said a process was already taken ahead to keep the municipal area waste-free, neat and clean.

“We are effortful to achieve prosperity through tourism and agriculture and ease livelihood of the municipal residents by building development infrastructures”, he shared.

As per our commitment in the earlier local election, we have engaged our efforts to make the education and health sector cost-free, he noted.

With the assistance of the German government, a process was put forward for the construction of a hospital at ward-7, Kathanchowk, it was shared.

Likewise, the municipality has taken ahead with a process to procure ambulance with the financial assistance of development partners.

Municipality’s spokesperson Radhakrishna Shrestha informed that ground work for free health and education was done for the people.

Among other achievements obtained in the reporting period were free ambulance service for pregnant women and senior citizens, arrangement of seven free health services after signing bilateral agreement with Sankhu-based Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital and 30-60 percent concession in 11 health services, Shrestha added.