Arrangement of free kidney transplant


May 29, 2022


Arrangement of free kidney transplant

KATHMANDU: The government has made arrangements for free kidney transplantation of kidney patients from the next fiscal year.

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma, while presenting the budget for the coming fiscal year 2022/2023 in the Federal Parliament today, shared that free kidney transplantation will be carried out for the needy, for which Rs 100 million has been allocated.

He said that Rs 200 million has been allocated for the purchase of dialysis machines in all the provincial hospitals.

All the health science institutes and various colleges will make arrangements to conduct free health camps in rural and remote areas at least twice a year in basic hospitals in order to coordinate at the local level and exchange health technology experiences.

Finance Minister Sharma said that a rehabilitation center with health services for persons with disability will be established and budget has been allocated for specialized health institutions for children.

A National Center for Disease Control will be established for the prevention and control of the disease.

A National Health Accreditation Board will be established to measure and certify the quality of health institutions and health sector. Electronic health system will be established in the major hospitals from next Fiscal Year to manage the health records of every citizen, he said.

Health services under insurance will be provided only from community and cooperative hospitals to make health insurance effective. For this, social health units will be formed in all community and cooperative hospitals, said the Finance Minister.

He said that Rs. 7.5 billion has been allocated for the health insurance program.

The government has allocated Rs. 69.38 billion for the Ministry of Health and Population, Rs. 6.36 billion for health sector in the provinces and Rs. 27.44 billion for health sector at the local level.