NOC proposes granting public holiday on Sunday to reduce fuel consumption

Suggests to re-introduce the odd-even system in transportation


March 29, 2022


NOC proposes granting public holiday on Sunday to reduce fuel consumption

Nepal Oil Corporation building. (Photo: Nepal Oil Corporation)

KATHMANDU: Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has proposed to grant public holidays on Saturday and Sunday and also to re-introduce the provision of odd-even number system in the public and private vehicles to reduce fuel consumption in the country.

Sending a 10-point proposal to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies on Tuesday, the corporation has suggested adding a public holiday on Sunday as well.

According to NOC spokesperson Binit Mani Upadhyaya, the Corporation sent the proposal to government considering the factors that could help in reducing demand pressure in the import of petroleum product.

Apart from the essentials, the corporation has also proposed to implement odd-even operation system in private and government vehicles.

The corporation is of the view that the reduction in oil consumption will have a positive impact on the corporation’s deficit and the country’s trade deficit as well.

The corporation has demanded that the government reduce the customs duty on fuel, value added tax and infrastructure fee by Rs 15 per liter.

A 10-point proposal has been sent to the ministry to save the consumers and the corporation from the  adverse impacts caused by the rise in fuel prices.

The corporation has proposed that Rs 200 per cylinder should be waived along with the fuel tax  from the LPG gas and the remaining loss should be reconciled through price adjustment.

Due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the price of crude oil in the international market is trading above $100 per barrel.

To discourage the import of petrol and diesel powered vehicles, the corporation has proposed a public call from the government to encourage electric vehicles and use of electric stoves instead of cooking LP gas.