NPC recommends opening concession food shops in all municipalities


October 28, 2022


NPC recommends opening concession food shops in all municipalities

Office of the National Planning Commission/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The National Planning Commission (NPC) has recommended to the government to operate one concessional food store in every municipality.

The Commission has recommended this through the ‘Supply Policy 2069 Review Study Report 2079’ in order to implement the fundamental rights of citizens regarding food security.

Stating that most of the provisions of the national supply policy implemented a decade ago could not be effectively implemented, the Commission said it was necessary to review it.

According to NPC, in the existing supply policy, the government should have a stock of at least 25 thousand metric tons of food grains for food security, but it has not been fulfilled and the number of concession shops has not increased.

Although the Constitution of Nepal provides provisions regarding the right to food for every Nepalese citizen, the NPC said that the implementation of the same has been slow, and now the local level should be made responsible for the distribution of food items.

It has also suggested that in partnership with the public and private sectors, at least one concession shop should be opened in a municipality and arrangements should be made to sell essential food items at a set concessional price per family.