Industry producing toxic illegally sealed off


January 28, 2022


Industry producing toxic illegally sealed off

District Administration Office, Bara. (Photo: Bara DAO/Facebook)

BARA: The District Administration Office, Bara, has sealed off Shiva Shakti Bio Plantteec Industry for illegally producing toxic substances.

The Administration has advanced steps to take actions against the industry located at Chainpur in Parwanipur-4, Bara. The Administration said the industry was found producing toxic substances despite taking permission to produce organic fertilizer.

The industry was producing toxic substances for the past 12 years and thus is sealed off.

Assistant Chief District Officer of Bara Devraj Sedhain said the company would be investigated for cheating the consumers and illegally producing toxic matters. The industry’s involvement in the toxic production was revealed after the Area Police Office Bhandara in Chitwan seized a toxic goods-laden truck with goods worth one million rupees on January 15.

Police had held Santosh Shah and two others of Sarlahi district along with the truck. Indian nations Rama Kant Bharati, Kamal Kant Singh and Sanjit Raya Yadav are the investors in the industry. After the revelation of their involvement, the three are at large, the District Police Office, Bara said.