Government decreases transport fare


June 27, 2022


Government decreases transport fare

People in a queue to board a bus in Kathmandu. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: The government has decreased the public transport fare on the inter-province route.

The fare of passenger and goods carrier vehicles has been slashed based on the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC)’s decision to decrease the price of diesel and petrol.

The price of diesel has been reduced by Rs 29 per liter and that of petrol by Rs 20 per liter.

Transportation fares had been increased from time to time before this with the rise in the fuel prices.

The Department of Transport Management has slashed the fare of passenger vehicles by 5.41 percent on the rate of fare fixed before this.

As per the new transport fare fixed by the Department, the transport fare of goods carrier vehicles operating on hilly roads has been decreased by 6.97 percent and that of goods carrier vehicles operating on the Tarai roads 7.68 percent.

According to the scientific fare adjustment system, the transport fare is automatically adjusted if the fuel price rises or falls five percent or more.

The transport fare had been recently adjusted on June 20 before this.