Madhes Province issues order to book violent Janamat Party cadres


January 27, 2022


Madhes Province issues order to book violent Janamat Party cadres

Provincial Assembly building, Janakpurdham. (File Photo for representation)

JANAKPURDHAM: The Madhes Province has issued an order to book unruly cadres of Janamat Party who resorted to vandalize the vehicles of the people’s representatives in the province headquarters, Janakpurdham.

Spokesperson of the Madhes Province government and Finance Minister Shailendra Prasad Saha expressed serious attention of the province government to the incident of vandalizing vehicles and targeting violence against the people’s representatives who arrived in Janakpurdham to vote in the National Assembly election.

The province government has issued order to investigate into the incident of vandalism on the vehicles of province assembly member Ashok Yadav, Hariwan municipality mayor and deputy mayor and medical superintendent of Jaleswor Hospital Dr Satish Saha, among others, and violence meted out by Janamat Party cadres when there was no pre-scheduled protest programme from their end.

The province government has also directed the concerned authorities to provide compensation to the people’s representatives and the doctor and take action against the guilty after the investigation.

Wishing for the speedy recovery of the injured in the incident, minster Sah urged all the concerned sides, including Janamat Party to put their opinion and expression in a non-violent manner by respecting the democratic norms and values.

Meanwhile, police is set to take action against seven cares of the Janamat Party who were arrested from Janakpurdham for their alleged involvement in attempting to foil the National Assembly election in Madhes province.

Police had aborted ill-efforts of the violent cadres of the party in disrupting the voting process of NA election on Wednesday.