Europe pledges more aid for Ukrainians enduring ‘horrific start’ to winter


November 26, 2022


Europe pledges more aid for Ukrainians enduring ‘horrific start’ to winter

A volunteer gives free meal to people who lost electrical power after recent Russian rocket attack in a heating point in the town of Vyshhorod, north of Kyiv, Ukraine/Photo: AP

BRUSSELS: European leaders are pledging more support for Ukraine, as Russian missile attacks on civilian infrastructure are leaving the country’s population without heat, lights and food in a “horrific start” to the winter, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said.

Ukraine officials estimated that around 50% of the country’s energy facilities have been damaged in the recent strikes, The Associated Press reported.

The weather forecast across much of Ukraine in the coming days calls for rain and snow and temperatures in the single digits Celsius.

Speaking in Brussels, Stoltenberg said Russian President Vladimir Putin “is failing in Ukraine, and he is responding with more brutality.”

Stoltenberg said NATO will continue to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes. He said the members of the alliance have been “providing unprecedented military support” and other aid for Ukraine.

NATO countries have also been delivering fuel, generators, medical supplies, winter equipment and drone-jamming devices, he said, but added that more will be needed as winter closes in, particularly as Russia continues to target Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly announced a new aid package for Ukraine during his visit to Kyiv Friday.

The package — worth about $60 million, according to Britain — includes radar and other technology to counter the Iran-supplied exploding drones that Russia has used against Ukrainian targets, especially the power grid.

The aid comes on top of a delivery of more than 1,000 anti-air missiles that Britain announced earlier in November.