Speaker says he is effortful to make parliament more pro-people


June 26, 2022


Speaker says he is effortful to make parliament more pro-people

Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota speaking at a book unveiling program in Kathmandu on Sunday.

KATHMANDU: Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota has said he was doing his best to make the parliament, a forum of people’s representatives, more pro-people and effective.

As he said, despite his relentless efforts for the same since he assumed the post, the continued House obstructions till recently hampered the expected progress towards that end.

Unveiling a book entitled ‘parliamentary committee practices; first parliament to federal parliament’ published by the Society of Parliamentary Affairs Journalists in Kathmandu on Sunday, the Speaker said he wished to see more discussions about issues concerning the people and more initiation to formulate required laws.

Stating that he had urged all committees for their effective roles and more contributions to the implementation of federalism by endorsing important bills at the earliest, he said, “Many youths have been deprived of citizenship due to a delay in passing the Citizenship Bill.”

As he said, he was urged the prime minister and law minister to take the mater into consideration.

He said he hoped the book unlived today would be helpful in making parliamentary committee more active, commending over the books, senior journalist and ekagaj.com editor-in-chief Hari Bahadur Thapa said the book is useful in taking information about the Nepal’s parliamentary affairs and parliamentary committees.