Rastra Bank issuing a treasury bill worth Rs 12 billion


September 25, 2022


Rastra Bank issuing a treasury bill worth Rs 12 billion

Nepal Rastra Bank at Baluwatar/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is issuing a treasury bill of 12.10 billion rupees.

The NRB will issue treasury bills for 91 days and 182 days.

Discussions are being on Sunday for the Treasury Bill to be released on Tuesday.

Likewise, the central bank is issuing treasury worth 9 billion 10 crore rupees for 91 days.

This treasury will mature on December 27.

Treasury bills are short-term government bonds used to raise domestic debt with a maturity of one or less than one year.

This bill is sold to raise funds for the short-term period required by the government, more than one year.

There is a provision that can be used to purchase Treasury Bill certificates before the payment date, statutory liquidity ratio, permanent liquidity facility and inter-bank transactions.

In the case of individuals, it is also possible to take loans from banks and financial institutions by pledging the Treasury Bill certificates.

Banks and financial institutions of all categories, organizations and even ordinary citizens can participate in the discussion of the treasury bill.