ACORAB bats for separate Act for community radio


March 25, 2022


ACORAB bats for separate Act for community radio

Office building of ACORAB (File photo)

NEPALGUNJ: The Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (ACORAB), Nepal has asked the government to bring a separate act to oversee the community radio as per the provision of National Mass Communications Policy, 2016.

The demand was made announcing its declarations after the completion of the two-day national conference of the ACORAB organized in Nepalgunj.

The ACORAB has also asked the local, province and federal governments to bring the new policy for the capacity building of community radio stations and journalists working there as well as for the sustainability of the community radio.

The ACORAB has also expressed its sincere thanks for the release of money from the Advertisement Board to the community radio stations for the public welfare advertisements through the District Post Office.

Similarly, the ACORAB has put a demand for the implementation of proportional advertisement policy by ending discrimination between the electronic and print media on advertisement distribution, according to Chairman of ACORAB Arjun Giri.