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Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

No unification with Madhav Nepal’s party, says Gyawali

There may be electoral alliance with like-minded leftists

KATHMANDU: The main opposition party CPN-UML is under pressure with the decision of the ruling Nepali Congress to keep the current coalition in the state and federal elections intact.

NC’s decision has put the main opposition UML, which was unable to get enough votes in the local elections due to the alliance, in a more difficult position.

It has instructed the lower bodies to prepare for the election in order to compete alone in the upcoming elections. However, it has not closed the door of electoral alliance with conditions.

In this context, Khabarhub’s Dhiraj Basnet approached UML’s Vice Chairman Yubaraj Gyawali to know about UML’s strategy, and plans for an electoral alliance for the forthcoming provincial and federal election:

The Nepali Congress has decided to contest the election by coordinating with the five-party alliance. It has created a lot of pressure on UML, hasn’t it?

We also contested the local level elections when there was a five-party alliance and came second in terms of positions. In terms of overall public opinion, we have 34 percent votes and that is more than what NC has secured.

Now they will make more strategies in the federal election, what if they would drive you to the wall?

CPN-UML is the biggest party in parliament, in terms of public opinion. In the local elections, the party is second in terms of position.

Therefore, we have organized programs in all 7 provinces to emphasize our internal strengthening in order to get a majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Now, these programs will go to each ward and each Tol. We have decided to move forward by making the party active and strong.

We will figure out our weaknesses, review them and go ahead further strengthening the party.

Rather than depending on other parties, we are planning to win elections depending on our strength, organization and people. The election date has not been announced yet. Therefore, if the need arises, the door is not closed for coordination with various forces and parties. We can even coordinate.

No matter how big the UML talks, do not the preparations for alliance show that it is not strong enough to contest alone?

So far we have prepared alone. However, the upcoming elections will not be like local elections. Wherever the public opinion goes, the party wins. We are with the people and we care for them. Hence, none can underestimate us. Majority and minority in elections can mean more or less. But we have confidence, if necessary, we can coordinate with other parties.

Which party has been in the UML’s dialogue list for electoral alliance?

There has been no party fixed yet. Electoral alliances may be formed informally by different leaders in their own personal ways.

The formal and central level alliance has not been decided yet. UML and NC are the main competitors. So if it can defeat the main competitor, UML has a chance to win. It is natural for each of these two competing parties to try to form an alliance.

Therefore, in order to coordinate with one, any party will coordinate in order to strengthen its power and in a way that is beneficial to itself.

How has the preparation and discussion of the left alliance progressed?

The possibility of a left alliance cannot be ruled out now and it is not impossible. That’s a good thing. However, now they (some leftist groups) are working in league with NC to defeat UML. If they discard their connection with NC, a leftist alliance with them is possible.

Are you asking the CPN-Maoist Center to leave the alliance first and then discuss the possibility of a leftist alliance?

Yes, first we need to know whether they are ready to leave the coalition or not. Left parties have no chance of party unity now. However, there is a possibility of coordination for the elections.

Will you welcome Madhav Kumar Nepal also?

There is no possibility of party unity now. It is better to have unity among the left who can think later in the future. There may be an electoral alliance. However, their decision to cling to the NC lead alliance is making it difficult to form a leftist alliance.

Have you been in touch with Madhav Nepal?

Obviously, one has to be in touch with all leaders. We had been together for long political life, so it’s natural to be in touch.

However, there is no possibility of party unity with him. Rather than finding out the way out within the party, he took to break the party. That was a blunder.

We were together as long as the agenda matched. When he breached the discipline, we did not accompany him. UML has been the outcome of a large sacrifice made by many leaders and cadres. We worked hard to make this party. It is sinful to break the party.

The leftist parties of the ruling coalition are working on forming the leftist alliance. How has UML taken it?

They made the policy of defeating UML. We oppose that. We object to the strategy of defeating UML by forming an alliance with NC.

However, the possibility of an electoral alliance cannot be ruled out. Provided they (the leftist parties in the coalition) agree to form an alliance to defeat the capitalist democratic party Nepali Congress, there are fat chances for the coalition.

Is the UML afraid of the left alliance?

NC alone cannot defeat UML. No individual party can compete with us. This is the strongest party. So, NC has sought the support of the leftist party. The recent meeting of NC also concluded the same. UML need not fear any forces, it can contest alone.

Are you ready to get along with the person or parties who cursed you short before as traitors, unpatriotic, selfish and anti-nationalists?

In politics, none is an enemy for good. When the agendas match, we become close to each other; when the agendas differ, we follow different paths.

So, when the agendas of the political parties match, an alliance or cooperation is possible. This is part of democratic practice.

As the vice president of UML, how do you see the activities of the current government?

The government has completely failed. For example, when a person goes to the bank to take a loan, the bank cannot give it.

A serious economic crisis has emerged. The price hike has made people’s life hell. The government has made many efforts to control it.

However, the situation is becoming very serious. So actually the government has failed. Especially in terms of peace and security, there has been chaos.

How did you see the role of Janardhan Sharma, who resigned and was dragged into the investigation even though he was the finance minister?

The finance minister has resigned on the basis of his weakness. Not only the finance minister but the entire government has fundamentally failed.

What about the NRB governor episode?

The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) governor has said that I am not affiliated with any party. It does not make any sense after the person concerned said it publicly. There is no need to discuss it much.

Why have you not been able to make M Adhikari public?

There are many people with this name in Nepal. So officially Governor M Adhikari is not a member of our party. So there is no evidence that this is the case.

When Surendra Pandey was the founder in the year 2016, Maha Prasad’s name and address were clearly mentioned. How can you deny it?

He was in the committee then and he is not now. He has already informed the party he is not in the party anymore. So, when the person concerned says I am not that, there is no point arguing against him, besides there is no evidence.

In the kind of preparations you have made for the upcoming elections, is there a possibility to move forward by uniting as suddenly as in the 2017 elections?

Politics is a game of possibilities. What seems apparently impossible everywhere else is often found possible in politics.

Therefore, it is difficult to speak about it in advance. However, UML believes it can contest alone and is strengthening itself internally and moving forward alone. We will win the election.

CPN-UML has that position. And, if necessary, if it is possible to unite with other parties, we are open to unification or coalition.

Publish Date : 24 July 2022 07:37 AM

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