“NC sold most of country’s industries in its 21 years rule”


September 23, 2022


“NC sold most of country’s industries in its 21 years rule”

UML Chair KP Oli addressing a program in Kathmandu on Friday.

KATHMANDU: CPN UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has accused that the Nepali Congress (NC), which ruled the country since 1990s for 21 years, sold off most of the country’s industries.

He added that the NC was frightful that the UML would accomplish development works if it became the ruling party.

Addressing a program in Kathmandu on Friday, Oli said that the five-party alliance had runined the national economy.

“The ruling coalition has deflated the wheels of the economy in 14 months and led the society to strife. Their aim is to stay in power, share spoils and provide for their families and close ones. The UML would save the country from this situation,” Oli said.

He alleged that the NC had done nothing for the country despite being in the government for 21 years after 1990.

“What did the NC do by running the government for 21 years? They sold 38 or 42 industries. From Hetauda paper factory, Harisidhi, leather shoes… everything has been sold and eaten. The NC is panicking of the prospect of the UML being in power as our party will expedite the agenda of development,” said Oli.

He claimed that wherever UML took hold, change there was imminent.

Oli guaranteed that the UML government which would be formed after the election would fully eradicate poverty from the country.