135-year-old suspension bridge awaits maintenance


September 23, 2022


135-year-old suspension bridge awaits maintenance

Suspension bridge/Source: Social media

MYAGDI: A suspension bridge constructed with the use of locally available resources and technology some 135 years ago in Myagdi district is in a dilapidated condition, needing an urgent renovation.

The bridge over Myagdikhola links Mangalaghat and Jyamrukkot of the Beni Municipality in the district.

This bridge is the first of its kind in the region developed at the initiative of social worker Lal Prasad Sherchan from Galkot in Baglung.

Raw iron obtained in the forest of Lukur jungle and skills of the local residents from Rumgaun in Myagdi was used in the development of the bridge.

Nain Kumar Shrestha, 84, from Beni said the bridge was constructed by preparing iron wires after hitting the hot raw iron brought from the ore.

The iron wires used for the bridge were prepared by using locally available resources and skills in that time.

The makeshift bridge was readied by fixing wooden lumbers in the iron wires and iron plates.

Later in 2014 BS, Sherchan’s grandson Bhim Prasad and his brothers from Babiyachaur village made some more contributions to make the suspension bridge, octogenarian Shrestha said.

Senior citizens here have shared that most of the people from the village had worked to fix the heavy iron wires.

“There was no bridge then except for this one. People from Myagdi and Parbat used to travel along this route while vising government offices in Gulmi and Baglung during in that time. This was the main trail for long to travel across Myagdikhola,” Shrestha elaborated.

The bridge was slightly maintained some four years ago with the support from the Beni Municipality but more attention is needed because of its sorry state.

The wooden lumbers that carry historical importance have decayed and the iron materials there are rusted.

Chairman of Beni Municipality-7 Ramesh Shrestha said that plans are afoot to repair and protect the bridge without damaging its shape as per the technicians’ advices.