Mid-Hill Highway shapes future of Dailekh


September 22, 2022


Mid-Hill Highway shapes future of Dailekh

Mid-hill Highway/File Photo for Representation

DAILEKH: A decade ago, it was barely a matter of imagination for Dailekh folks about the present landscape of Dailekh brought out by Mid-Hill Highway stretching from Jajarkot in the east and Achham in the west.

It was a distant dream for the district dwellers that the highway would pass through the headquarters.

The mid-hill highway that started from Bhagawatimai rural municipality has established connectivity with Achham through Narayan municipality, Bhairabi rural municipality, Dullu municipality, Chamundabindrasaini municipality and Thantikandh rural municipality and Aathbis municipality.

The highway has occupied 125-km territory of the district. The agriculture products of the areas linked by the highway have found market space now.

It has enhanced income level of the locals. Bhagawatimai rural municipality, located in the eastern belt of the district, has been connected with Suyada of Jajarkot.

The area has become a destination for tourists when the mid-hill highway came into operation.

The highway journey has become easier for tourists to take joy of snow-capped landscape and visit the unexplored heritage of the nature.

Vegetable productions of the farmers of Suyada now reach Dailekh market and the products of Bhagawatimai are also easily reachable to Jajarkot-based market.

After the highway coming into operation, the economic, social and tourism sectors have witnessed several changes.

Around 29-km road has been blacktopped in the eastern section of the district.

The distance between Jajarkot and Dailekh has also reduced with the blacktopping of the road from Lohore rivulet of Narayan municipality to Suyachheda of Jajarkot.

It has also addressed the problem of travelling Jajarkot through Chhinchhu after reaching Surkhet.

Construction works have gained pace in some roads along the border area.

Preparation for blacktopping of the road section was also intensified, technicians involved in the road construction said.

The western section of the mid-hill highway has also come into operation. Blacktopping is gaining momentum in most of the areas of the western section.