30 media outlets violate code of conduct: PCN


November 19, 2022


30 media outlets violate code of conduct: PCN

Press Council Nepal in Kathmandu/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The Press Council Nepal (PCN) has reported that 30 media outlets have violated the code of conduct during the elections for the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly.

Among those who violated the code of conduct from 12:00 pm last night until Friday, since the silence period began, six media outlets have also made corrections.

According to a statement issued by the Council, two radio stations, 11 newspapers, 16 online media and one web portal have been found to be transmitting material against the code of conduct.

The Council has warned the print media that violated the code of conduct and asked for an explanation not to repeat such content.

Similarly, radio and television have been asked to correct the mistake with an apology and not to re-broadcast the said content.

In the case of online media, it is mentioned in the statement signed by Deepak Khanal, Senior Administrative Officer and Spokesperson of the Council, that they have been instructed to inform the Council immediately.

After the directive of the council, six media outlets have expressed their commitment to be more vigilant in following the code of conduct in the future by removing the content along with an apology.

As 48 hours are still left for the voting, the Council has appealed to the media, journalists, media workers, and social media users to be more sensitive in following the code of conduct and not to transmit any news material that are part of a propaganda against or for political parties or candidates.