Polluted tap water mars locals in Bhadrapur


August 19, 2022


Polluted tap water mars locals in Bhadrapur

Image for Representation. Photo: Down to Earth

BHADRAPUR: The tap water supplied by Nepal Drinking Water Corporation is found mixed with filth for three months in Bhadrapur Municipality-8, Jhapa district.

For the lack of clean drinking water, the local residents in the town are affected. Toya Gadtaula, a local resident, said their repeated pleas made to the officials of the Corporation are unheard of.

“We lodged our complaints several times for the supply of filthy water. But, it is not addressed so far,” he said.

The local residents have accused the Corporation of playing with public health issues by supplying murky water for months.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Nepal Drinking Water Corporation Office in Bhadrapur Ram Kumar Shrestha has pledged to supply clean and safe drinking water in ten days.

He has made a commitment to replace old pipes with new ones in the town and install water treatment plants to ensure the supply of clean drinking water.