Local election creates blood shortage in Pokhara


May 19, 2022


Local election creates blood shortage in Pokhara

A blood donation program held to overcome shortage, in Pokhara, on Wednesday.

POKHARA: Pokhara is reeling under a blood shortage, reportedly owing to the weeklong May 13 local election.

Resultantly, a halt in blood donation programs has added to the crisis, according to the Red Cross Society, Kaski. At present, various health institutions in Pokhara are in short of fresh blood, it said.

In a bid to address the problem, an emergency blood donation program was organized at Shahid Chowk by the Sirjana Development Center in coordination with the regional blood transfusion center under the Red Cross Society.

Sixty six units of blood was collected from the program, said Arjun Gyawali, chief of the center. The program aimed to address the blood shortage caused due to lack of such programs since May 9 due to the polls, he said.

He also urged authorities to organize such program to help combat the crisis. “People were busy during the poll. So blood donation programs were halted.”

However, there has not been any acute blood shortage as blood was being donated from everywhere, he said.

Pokhara, the capital of Gandaki Province, requires 70 to 80 units of blood a day, according to the center.

Blood demand is increasing since patients have been referred to the city from elsewhere, said Gyawali.