‘Vehicle scanning machine’ being installed at Nagdhunga


July 18, 2022


‘Vehicle scanning machine’ being installed at Nagdhunga

Vehicles entering the Kathmandu Valley at Nagdhunga/File Photo

KATHMANDU: High-tech equipment is to be installed at Nagdhunga – the main entrance to Kathmandu Valley – for scanning and keeping records of the vehicles.

Currently, traffic police are daily maintaining a hand-written log of the incoming and outgoing vehicles to and from Kathmandu Valley.

The traffic police have also been screening suspected vehicles and passengers on an ad hoc basis at the main checkpoint.

As informed, Chandragiri municipality has intensified its preparation to place a vehicle scanning machine at the main entry point to the federal capital for the first time.

In this connection, the municipality held a dialogue with key stakeholders including high-placed officials of the Nepal Police and Department of Roads in the first phase.

“It has become essential to place vehicle scanning machine at Nagdhunga from security perspective of Kathmandu Valley”, shared Chandragiri mayor Ghanashyam Giri, adding how long traffic police maintain a log in a paper in the present digital age.

The machine can be used to scan person(s) along with vehicles and keep their records as per the need.

It is expected to help maintain law and order and also reduce traffic management burden.

The scanning machine costs around Rs 25 million. He informed that the municipality has solicited collaboration with other municipalities of the Valley and concerned stakeholders for machine purchase.

“This is not only necessary for Chandragiri. This will help all municipalities in the Valley and the federal government as well. It is expected to ensure smooth traffic management and safety”, Mayor Giri further said.