Coronavirus stalks hospital to administration staffs


January 18, 2022


Coronavirus stalks hospital to administration staffs

NUWAKOT: The people in Nuwakot district have been appealed to strictly abide by health and safety protocols after those working on the frontline got positive with coronavirus in the district.

Health workers at district health facilities and those at administration office are suffering from the spread of coronavirus.

Thirty health workers including two specialist doctors and four medical officers at Trishuli Hospital were infected with coronavirus, said medical superintendent, Dr Dipendra Pande said.

“Specialist doctors, medical officers, nurses, paramedics and lab technicians have been found positive for coroanvirus,” Pande added.

The health workers themselves got infected after the number of people seeking test grew alarmingly lately.

The gynecology and obstetrics services have been halted due to the infection spread among specialist doctors.

The Hospital issued a notice and informed the people about the closure of related service citing infection catching related doctors.

The hospital has requested one and all to abide by the health and safety protocols strictly.

Even the patients in no need of urgent service are requested to stay at home safely for some time.

Moreover, some employees at District Administration Office got infected with coronavirus while some are suffering from similar symptoms to that of coronavirus.

Reasoning this, the office has appealed to the service seekers to visit the office only for urgent service.

The employees providing service on the frontline of pandemic had tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday.

After the employees stayed in isolation with infection, the regular services would be hampered.

So, the service seekers have been informed accordingly. However, nearly 100 persons reach the District Administration Office for voter registration, national ID card and passport.

The number of coronavirus infection reached 101 in Nuwakot till Monday evening.