Former NBA president Dahal publishes a book entitled ‘Retirement at 50’


July 17, 2022


Former NBA president Dahal publishes a book entitled ‘Retirement at 50’

KATHMANDU: One-term President of Nepal Bankers’ Association (NBA) and two-term CEO of Sanima Bank Limited Bhuvan Dahal has published a book entitled ‘Retirement at 50’.

The book is available in the market from today (Sunday).

Dahal was a government employee prior to joining Nabil and Sanima banks.

Under Dahal’s leadership in fiscal year (FY) 2020/21, Sanima, the youngest commercial bank, became the number one bank in terms of return on equity (RoE) with a 3.99% point growth over the actual FY 2012/13 while the weighted average decline of other banks during the same period was 10.21% point.

Return of a commercial bank staff during the period increased by 49% while Sanima staff’s return increased by 108%.

Similarly, Sanima improved its Current and Savings (CASA) deposit mix by almost 18% point from mid-July 2013 to mid-July 2021 while the industry recorded a decline of almost 1% point.

From mid-July 2013 to mid-July 2021, the share of individual deposits in the total deposits of commercial banks increased by around 2.2% point while Sanima recorded a growth of 22.24% point.

Similarly, Sanima has been maintaining the lowest Non-Performing Loan in the industry, barring exceptions.

Sanima’s rank improvement under Operating Profit before Provision volume during those eight years was the second best without aggressive branch expansion and without large mergers and acquisitions. Many such interesting facts associated with Sanima Bank during his 8-year-long stint as CEO are explained in the book.

Similarly, Nabil Bank, the first joint venture bank, regained the number one rank in terms of Operating Profit volume in FY 2008/09 overtaking Standard Chartered Bank when Dahal was Chief Financial Officer (CFO) there.

When he was associated with Nabil, Nabil’s major shareholders changed from Emirates Bank International Limited, Dubai, to National Bank Limited, Bangladesh, to NB International Limited, Ireland, and he worked under foreign and Nepali CEOs.

As an NBA President, he had to deal with Nepal Rastra Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Finance Committee of the federal parliament, SEBON, and fellow CEOs. He has interesting experiences while dealing with them.

In this book, he has enumerated

  1. Financial performance of 27 banks from FY 2012/13 to FY 2020/21
  2. Secret of Success of Sanima Bank, including his bitter experiences with VIP shareholders. Comparative picture of Sanima vis-à-vis Nabil Bank, Nepal Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Agriculture Development Bank, NMB Bank, NICA Bank, Machhapuchhre Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.
  3. Stories relating to Nabil Bank, including how Nabil could not be a leader in the Remittance business and IME set up by Chandra Dhakal, Senior Vice President- FNCCI, became a market leader.
  4. Stories relating to NBA including efforts to amend the Banking Offence and Punishment Act 2008
  5. Stories relating to the banking sector including M&A with an example of Global IME.
  6. Reasons behind the backwardness of our country and the way forward
  7. Stories about himself. He has shared why his career growth at Nabil was the fastest in his batch and he has shared success tips with youngsters.

In the book, Dahal has shared his experiences relating to senior bankers such as Satyendra Pyara Shrestha, Anil Keshary Shah, Anil Gyawali, Rajan Singh Bhandari, Shovan Dev Pant, Gyanendra Dhungana, Ahok SJB Rana, Sashin Joshi and Radhesh Pant, among many others.

He has also shared some stories relating to former governors, industry leaders and various leaders.

Dahal has decided to donate all his royalties from this book to social organizations.