Chitwan to provide fertilizers to farmers from June 20


June 17, 2022


Chitwan to provide fertilizers to farmers from June 20

Image for Representation/sgs-la.com

CHITWAN: The Salt Trading Corporation Limited and Krishi Samagri Company Limited, Chitwan are going to distribute fertilizers to farmers in the district from June 20.

Corporation’s Chief Buddi Binod Dahal shared that the chemical fertilizers had already arrived in Corporation’s go-down in Birgunj and a total of 290 tons of fertilizer will be distributed in Chitwan very soon.

“It would be difficult to distribute fertilizers as per the demand due to limited supply,” said Rajan Bagale, Chief of Distribution Centre.

The district having seven local levels had demanded 17,680 metric tons of urea, 9,170 metric tons DAP and 3,908 metric tons of potassium last fiscal year.

The demand for the chemical fertilizer could grow this fiscal year, said Bagale.

Distribution of much-awaited fertilizers is likely to enthuse farmers in the district as cultivation period is going to start soon.