NC will lead the next government provided the coalition bags majority

Dhiraj Basnet

September 16, 2022


NC will lead the next government provided the coalition bags majority

KATHMANDU: As the days for November 20 elections for the federal parliament and provincial assemblies are inching closer, the parties have intensified their preparations for the same.

Leaders are scrambling for tickets for the elections. However, this time the parties are in a state of confusion due to the pressure from the youth leaders.

The old leaders are not ready to give up, the new ones demand the senior leaders play an advisory role and let the new ones lead the party and the country.

The leadership is in the status of indecision as it cannot refuse the senior ones as well as ignore the mounting pressure from the youths.

In this regard, Khabarhub’s Dhiraj Basnet approached Nepali Congress (NC) leader Amaresh Kumar Singh to talk about the coalition’s status in the election, the next government, and the preparation the Prime Minister’s party is making for the election. Excerpts:

Why was your name not recommended for the federal parliament election from the district? 

This is due to extreme factionalism in the party. What has to be understood is that all places that the NC has won in the previous election are still safe.

How can the top leadership include names that are not recommended by the district? 

If you look at the background of our district chairman, he is a person who has been sentenced by a special court.

Everyone has heard his name on corruption charges. He is in politics despite being convicted for felling trees illegally.

It is just an anomaly to see him in politics these days. Now everything is not going well in Nepal. Every party has flaws.

Even if the district does not recommend me, I will take the recommendation from the center. If the people like it, I will surely succeed.

What did you do in your ​​Sarlahi constituency in the last five years? How can you be so confident about the victory?

Much has been done in the field of development and education. The quality of roads has improved; new schools have been built.

We have made many laws and regulations to prevent illegal activities in the border area. The people there have well evaluated me. I should be evaluated by the locals, not by the leaders in Kathmandu.

The issue of seat distribution has become complicated in the coalition. Will it not affect you?

I don’t see a big problem. Seats can be allocated by giving seats to any party that has previously won. However, if that is not the case, there can be no agreement.

As this election approaches, the movement of foreign elements has increased. How do you see it?

International forces have shown interest in our activities of late. Unless we stand on our own or decide for ourselves, the foreign factors might seek their role here.

Do you think there is a relevance of the coalition here?

Coalition politics has increased lately. However, the party organization becomes weak when the coalition is formed. Even if we don’t make a coalition, others will make alliances. Provided the coalition is retained recognizing the nationwide stronghold of Nepali Congress, the coalition is ok.

What kind of influence does your party have in Madhes? 

Nepali Congress has a stronghold in Madhes. Even the results of the local elections show that NC is the main party in Madhesh.

Why is such a tussle and conflict in ticket distribution in Nepali Congress?

The distribution of tickets is a time-consuming and fuss-making agenda for all parties. It is said that there is financial manipulation in ticket distribution. But, I don’t know officially.

When will you give an opportunity to the new leader of the party?

There should be an age limit in politics. As in the military, there should be an age limit in party politics. For example, leaders who cross 65 years should be allowed to retire from politics. No person should be allowed to be a minister more than two times. If this happens, the same trend will not repeat itself over and over again.

Your party president is preparing to become the prime minister for the sixth time. Isn’t there a new leader in your party?

He has a good influence in the party and is in the leadership. So, I don’t think others will get a chance as long as he is there.

If the coalition gets the majority in the forthcoming election, who will lead the government: NC or the Maoist Center? 

The government is formed under the NC leadership. I am sure that NC will get the leadership even in terms of the largest party in the coalition. So far, Prachanda has also accepted the shortcomings of the past and allied with NC. Maoist Center and other parties seem to have no problem accepting the leadership of the largest party in the parliament.