Farmers destroy illegally imported fish in Bharatpur


November 15, 2022


Farmers destroy illegally imported fish in Bharatpur

Image for Representation/Pixabay

BHARATPUR: Two thousand kgs of illegally imported fish has been destroyed here.

The farmers here took under control a vehicle (Lu 3 Cha 3336) heading to Kathmandu from Bardaghat of Nalparasi and destroyed the illegally imported fish it was carrying.

The farmers took the help of the Armed Police Force to control and destroy the illegal import.

It is said the market price of the destroyed fish is some Rs 400 thousand.

Chairperson of the Fishery Association in Chitwan, Khagendra Subedi, informed that the documents and bills showed that the fish was imported from India.

The entrepreneurs in Chitwan have been conducting regular monitoring of the fish brought illegally.