Landslide blocks Bahrabise-Tatopani road


July 15, 2022


Landslide blocks Bahrabise-Tatopani road

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TATOPANI:  Bahrabise-Tatopani (26 km road section) has been blocked by the flood and landslides triggered by the heavy rainfall.

Due to the blockage, dozens of containers have been stuck on the northern Tatopani border.

Due to incessant rain, the Ghatte khola washed away the causeway bridge confining dozens of container at Kodari viewpoint.

According to Kumar Shrestha, Ward Chairman of Bhotekosi-2, the locals have been asked to be alert after the roads in the surrounding Kodari area were swept away by the flood.

“Even though the landslide is coming terribly, it has not caused any human damage so far, we are also taking the necessary steps to open the border road smoothly, it seems that it will take two days to open the barrier because the landslide has piled up big stones,” he said.