Sexual assault victim dies in Chitwan


June 15, 2022


Sexual assault victim dies in Chitwan

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CHITWAN: A 27-year-old sexual-assault victim has succumbed to death in Chitwan.

According to Chitwan Police, the woman was taken hostage and assaulted at Rapti municipality-1, Piple.

The police informed that Purna Bahadur Ghalan, 45, of Hetauda-9, Makwanpur and currently living in Rapti municipality is alleged of torturing the woman to death after taking her hostage.

The woman, who was admitted to Bharatpur Hospital for injuries from the repeated sexual assaults, breathed her last during treatment, the police said.

According to the police, the woman who arrived Chitwan from Kathmandu to visit her sister-in-law was not sure about the location of the relative’s home. Amidst her effort to track the location, she met the man who tempted her to follow him promising to help her find the location.

Thereafter, the woman was taken hostage by the man and was subjugated to sexual violence multiple times.

She was taken to the hospital after she started bleeding from genital injuries.

Police are investigating further for details.