The NEPSE index drops by 29.89 points Wednesday


June 15, 2022


The NEPSE index drops by 29.89 points Wednesday

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has declined by 29.89 points Wednesday.

A total of 41,82,369 shares of 229 companies were bought and sold 30,602 times in the secondary market, bringing the total turnover of the day to Rs 1.49 billion.

Of the 173 companies traded on Wednesday, the share price of 20 companies increased while the price of 3 companies remained unchanged. All subgroups went red today. Of these, trade, investment, life insurance, hydropower, and finance subgroups declined by 2 percent.

The share price of Andhikhola and CYC microfinance has risen above 9 percent.

Similarly, the share price of Balefi Hydro, Life Insurance Corporation fell by 8 percent.