Name Province-1 as ‘Birat Province’: Rajbansi committee


February 15, 2022


Name Province-1 as ‘Birat Province’: Rajbansi committee

Office building of Province Assembly of Province 1 (File photo)

MORANG: The Rajbansi Society Upliftment Committee (Birat) has demanded the Province-1 government to name Province-1 as Birat Province.

During a press meet organized here as part of the preparation of 15th extended meeting of the Committee here Monday, the speakers stressed Birat Rajbansi people are the indigenous people in Province-1. They have also the links to historic Birat King and once Province-1 is named Birat Province, it would reflect collective identity of the indigenous community, according to central chair of the Committee, Bhubaneshwor Mandal.

If the province is not named Birat Province, they would launch a peaceful agitation, he warned. He further demanded that the Birat Rajbansi people should be enlisted in the Indigenous People’s Upliftment National Foundation.

The Committee has also the demands as proportional representation of Rajbansi people in the State mechanism, declaration of Birat Rajbansi autonomous council, conservation of Birat Durbar at Bhediyari of Biratnagar, and protection of Birat Rajbansi community as the tourism destination, among others.