Nepali students coming to Russia due to allurement in trouble, says Nepali Embassy


September 14, 2022


Nepali students coming to Russia due to allurement in trouble, says Nepali Embassy

Embassy of Nepal in Russia/Wikidata

KATHMANDU: The Nepali Embassy in Moscow, the Russian Federation, has said the Nepali students going to Russia for various allurements are getting in trouble due to lack of knowledge of language and the situation there.

The Embassy, through a press release, appealed to all the Nepali students and parents concerned not to be lured by any kind of false promise or allurement, except only for study, while going to Russia on student visa.

It stated that it has got information the number of Nepali students going to various universities in the Russian Federation for higher studies has been increasing since the last few months.

It is said that the Nepalis going to Russia on student visa through the several educational consultancies in Nepal, have been reaching there by paying hefty amount of money out of allurement of ‘attractive employment opportunity in Russia’ and ‘one can easily go to Europe from Russia’, among others.

The Embassy said there are no such opportunities as promised by the consultancies and the people landing in Russia due to such allurements are facing difficult daily life there due to language problems.

The Embassy stated that people getting into such difficulties have been contacting it requesting it for facilitating their return home to Nepal.

Their families of some among these students have also been requesting the Embassy to search for them, saying their children are out of contact and they are in great mental distress.

The Embassy, however, said there are adequate opportunities for students going to Russia on scholarship to reputed universities and purely for study purpose there.

It urged the interested persons to contact Sushil Ghimire (Second Secretary) at +74992419313, +79680702815 and Raj Kumar Basnet (Attaché) at +74992419512, +79684602225 for additional information in this regard.