Maoist Center’s sister organizations concerned over video song ‘Pir’


March 14, 2022


Maoist Center’s sister organizations concerned over video song ‘Pir’

A flag of All Nepal Women's Association (Revolutionary).

KATHMANDU: Sister organizations of the CPN (Maoist Centre), a coalition partner in the incumbent government, has accused singer Prakash Saput of insulting the women involved in the decade-long Maoist insurgency through his newly launched video song titled ‘Pir’.

Maoist Center’s sister organizations — the All Nepal Women’s Association (Revolutionary), Injured and Disabled Warriors’ Association of People’s War, Cultural Federation Nepal and Press Center Nepal in a joint statement today expressed their concern about the song.

This song depicts the seemingly involvement of those, both men and women, who took up arms in the people’s war have engaged in ‘illicit affairs, which they claimed have offended them, reads the statement.

“We want to draw the attention of concerned authorities to take action against those who have engaged in outright false and misleading activities. Similarly, we want this video to be removed from YouTube and such reprehensible activities to close, and we urge the party in question to publicly apologize before entire Nepali people after accepting the crime.”