Dialysis machine yet to be installed


August 13, 2022


Dialysis machine yet to be installed

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TULSIPUR: The Federal Ministry of Health and Population sent 18 dialysis machines to Dang district.

Of them, 10 have been delivered to Rapti Institute of Health Sciences Ghorahi and eight to Rapti Provincial Hospital Tulsipur.

The dialysis machines arrived on July 29, but the work to put them into operation is yet to begin.

Head of the Dialysis Unit at Rapti Provincial Hospital, Tulsipur, Leena Badel said that the technician has not arrived to install the machines.

She said that although the machines were received other supporting equipment is yet to be received.

A device for purifying the blood is required. Furthermore, technical experts are necessary to install the dialysis machines and bring them into operation.

Currently, Rapti Provincial Hospital has five dialysis machines that can provide service to 23 people.

If eight more machines are installed then up to 60 patients can benefit from it, Badel said.

Similarly, there are five machines in Rapti Institute of Health Sciences. Information officer of the Institute Nishandaju Bhattarai said that with the 10 new machines more patients in the area will get services.

The dialysis service is currently provided only in two shifts. But it can be provided round the clock with the addition of the new machines.

The Dialysis Center at the institute is running at the initiative of Lamahi Rotary Club.

There are currently 30 patients receiving the service at the Institute.