Kainla honors litterateurs recognizing their contributions to change


April 13, 2022


Kainla honors litterateurs recognizing their contributions to change

Senior literary writer Bairagi Kainla.

KATHMANDU: Senior literary writer Bairagi Kainla today honored three litterateurs with ‘Shrasta Chaitra 30’ commemorating their role in the people’s movement for democratic attainment.

Noted literary writer Kainla felicitated Basudev Adhikari, Bibash Pokharel and Shardul Bhattarai at a program hosted by ‘Shrastha Chaitra 30’ – an organization established on the initiative of 17 youth literary writers to enliven the contributions of the literary sector to the political movement.

The honor for the year 2078 was conferred on literary writer duo, Adhikari and Pokharel while Bhattarai was felicitated for the year 2077.

Krishna Dharabasi among the honored will be felicitated later as he is currently outside the country, it is shared.

Former Chancellor of Nepal Academy, Kainla expressed sorrow for the hapless status of literary writers after political change despite their power to create waves in favor of the change.

He also vented ire for the failure to transform internal structures of society along with political change.

He stressed the need for the literary writers to retaliate against the move meant for surpassing people’s rights from any side.