Province 1 boasts of having 18 popular picnic spots

Birat Anupam

March 13, 2022


Province 1 boasts of having 18 popular picnic spots

A view of Kanyam tea Estate in Ilam district. (Photo: Anuz Rai's Facebook)

BIRATNAGAR: With the development of physical connectivity and rapid promotion by local levels, Province 1 has seen steady rise in travelling culture.

More people are travelling influenced by social media contents generated by their peers and relatives.

Here is a list of 18 popular picnic spots of Province 1.

Kanyam, Ilam: Situated close to Mechi highway of Ilam, this place is a hilltop decorated with mesmerizing tea gardens and beautiful surrounding scene.

This place draws tourists from different places of Nepal and neighboring Indian state of West Bengal and Sikkim for picnicking, horseback riding, filming and many more. It is some 40 kilometers away from East-West highway of Jhapa.

Mai Pokhari, Ilam: Located some 15 kilometers north of Ilam Bazaar, this place has both religious and natural significance.

With an altitude of 2130 meter and an area of 188 hector, this place has 2 hector of wetland area.

Jor Pokhari, Panchthar: Lying in the junction of Panchthar and Taplejung, this place accommodates two ponds, which are close to each other and adjacent to the Mechi highway.

Situated at a distance of 39 kilometers from it, this place is famed for both religious and cultural significance.

It is believed that, it is mandatory to worship at this place while journeying to Nepal’s famed shrine of Pathibhara temple of Taplejung district.

Bhedetar of Sunsari and Dhankuta: The most busy and beautiful hill station of East Nepal is called Bhedetar.

Located some 17 kilometers away from Dharan, this place shares both districts of Sunsari and Dhankuta.

With 1430 meter height from sea level and closest hilly range from southern plains, people can get a glance of Terai and Himalayas at the same time from this place.

Bhedetar is best destination to escape baking heat of Terai. Lately, this has been a popular picnic, seminar and travelling point not just for Nepalese but also for Indians of Bihar and West Bengal.

This place is close to other famous picnic places of Dhankuta like Namaste falls, Rajarani and Dwajedanda

Basantapur of Tehrathum Tinjure, Milke and Jaljale of Tehrathum: Taplejung and Sankhuwsabha districts are called as capital of rhododendron.

And, Basantapur is a gateway city to rhododendron. With 2323 meters of height from sea level and some 89 kilometers of vehicular ride from Dharan, Basantapur is also famed for RR (Rock and Rhododendron) garden and Cholung part with ethnic Limbu cultural roots.

Basantapur is also a gateway for trekking to upper Tamor rafting that starts from Taplejung.

Ras Tal of Baklauri, Sunsari: This picnic place can be reached within half an hour drive from both Itahari and Dharan.

With 15 bigaha of wetland and plenty of spaces for site-seeing and picnicking, this area also has boating and fishing facilities including jungle safari and bird-watching.

Taltalaiya, Itahari, Sunsari: Spread in an area of 76.45 hectares of forest and wetland, Taltalaiya has six ponds where boating and tubing are available for travelers.

Situated just seven kilometers away from Itahari, this place attracts 5 million travelers and picnickers annually.

It has 28 pieces of beautiful stone sculptures made by foreign artists. 8. Betana Wetland, Belbari, Morang Situated adjacent to East-West highway, this place is spread over 175 hectares of forested wetland.

People frequent this place for jungle safari, bird watching, boating and picnicking.

Gokulam Resort, Sundardulari, Morang: Not all resorts are destinations for picnickers but Gokulam is an exception.

Situated some 5 kilometer away from Itahari, Gokulam resort is famous for ship lodge made upon a sizeable pond, Children Park, beautiful statues and many more.

Spread in an area of 5 Bighas of land on the Bank of Budhikhola, this resort draws visitors from different parts of Nepal and Indian states of Bihar and West Bengal.

Jamunkhadi, Jhapa: Situated in Kankai Municipality of Jhapa, this picnic places includes boating, bird watching, suspension bridge walk, garden, mini zoo and many more.

With one kilometer distance from East-West highway and two kilometers away from Surunga Bazaar, Jamunkhadi draws 500 visitors a day on an average. 11.

Barju Taal, Sunsari: Located in Barju Rural Municipality of Sunsari, this lake has spread over 151 Bighas of area including water section of 100 Bighas.

Pandava of an ancient Hindu scripture are believed to have taken water from this huge pond.

This lake can be reached within half an hour drive from Biratnagar and 45 minutes from Itahari.

Sadhutar, Panchthar: Named as second Fewa Lake of Nepal, Sadhutar is some 16 kilometers away from Phidim Bazaar.

This artificial lake gives reflection of Kanchanjunga and Kumbhakarna peaks of Nepal’s magical Himalayas.

Lying in Pauwa Bhanjyang nearby Mechi highway, this lake has been famous destinations for both domestic and foreign travelers.

Rajarani Lakes of Dhankuta and Morang: There are two popular Rajarani lakes in East Nepal; one is in Dhankuta and another in Morang.

Located in some 37 kilometers of vehicular distance from Dharan and 19 kilometers away from Bhedetar, Rajarani lake of Dhankuta has both religious and natural significance.

Also called as Rani Tal (the lake of queen), Rajarani is a beautiful hilly site to be refreshed and relaxed for urbanites of eastern plains of Nepal.

Located some 40 kilometers away from Biratnagar, Rajarani of Morang has spread over 32 hectors of forested and wetland areas.

It is on the lap of Chure area of Letang- Bhogateny Municipality of Morang.

Bird-watching, home-stays in Magar communities, boating on the beautiful pond, tree tower and many more are things to attract visitors and picnickers in this place.

Tyamke Danda of Bhojpur: Tyamke Danda is the tallest hillock that borders Bhojpur and Khotang districts of East Nepal.

In clear day, it is said that Darjeeling and Kathmandu is also seen from this point. It is important both for religious and cultural regions and is at an altitude of 3620 meters above the sea level. It is some 42-kilometer western part of Bhojpur Bazaar and can be reached within 3 hours of vehicular ride.

Shree Antu Danda, Ilam: Shree Antu is the gateway to enter light to Nepal from eastern skies.

This place is famous for sunrise/ sun set and Himalayan Range views for all Nepalese.

The crystal clear sun rise that can be seen in clear skies from this place is simply an amazing experience for travelers.

It is located at an altitude of 1977 meters above the sea level and can be reached within 3 hours of drive from Ilam, Bazaar. This is also a popular trekking point of Eastern Nepal.

Sandakpur, Ilam: Bordering Province 1 and West Bengal of India, Sandakpur is the best Himalayan view point in East Nepal.

From this point in clear sky, we can get a glance Everest and adjoining tallest peaks in the Himalayan range of Nepal.

Sandakpur is called Sandanphu in India. It is located at an altitude of 3636 meters above the sea level.

It is nearby Singhalila National Park of West Bengal of India. It can be reached within 1 hour and 47 minutes in vehicular ride from Ilam Bazaar.

Rauta Mai Pokhari, Udayapur: This is an amazing pond where there is no inlet and outlet.

Another amazing part of this pond is that all fallen leaves on this pond are picked by birds.

With 1799 meters above the sea level and some 40 kilometer northern-western part of Gaighat, the district headquarters of Udayapur.

It is a place suitable for tent out.

Pokali Falls of Okhaldhunga: 130-meter-tall Pokali falls is located in Pokali Rural Municipality of Okhaldhunga.

From Kathmandu, this falls can be reached via BP Highway going through ManthalI and Sirise.

From Okhaldhunga Bazaar, it is in 12-hour walking distance. This falls is in northern side of Likhu River, a tributary of Nepal’s biggest river Saptakoshi.