Palpa sees a boom in paddy production


December 12, 2022


Palpa sees a boom in paddy production

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PALPA: Paddy production in Palpa district has increased by two percent this year as compared to the previous year.

The district saw the production of 32,019 metric tons of paddy this year as opposed to 31,428 metric tonnes in the previous year, according to the Agriculture Knowledge Center (AKC), Palpa.

Paddy cultivation was done in 8,210 hectare of lands this year while 8,206 hectare was used for the same in the previous year. “Paddy production has increased this year despite insects destroying crops in some areas,” said the AKC chief Kamana Adhikari.

Factors like availability of irrigation, the use of modern technology and hybrid seeds are behind the increment of paddy production, said the AKC information officer Milan Gaire.

Farmers have switched to hybrid paddy seeds for high production.

They have been using various types of hybrid seeds including ‘Sabitri’, ‘Hybrid’, ‘Sanwa’ ‘Mansuli’, ‘US-312’, ‘Shanti’, ‘Series’, ‘Khumal-3’ and ‘Sukka Dhan’.

Paddy thresher, and use of tractor and other modern equipment have made it easier for farmers.