Integrated election cell comes into operation in all three levels: NA


November 12, 2022


Integrated election cell comes into operation in all three levels: NA

NA Headquarters in Bhadrakali/File

KATHMANDU: The Nepali Army (NA) has set up and brought into operation the Integrated Election Security Cell at the centre, province and district levels for the House of Representatives and Province Assembly Member elections scheduled for this November 20.

Around 75,000 personnel will be deputed for the entire election-related security, including securing the polling stations, transportation of polling materials, reserve force and air patrolling, among others, the NA Public Relations and Information Directorate said.

The Directorate stated that army personnel have been deployed and mobilized at 779 places for the election security.

The Army will provide security at the polling stations remaining in the outer security rim.

Likewise, the Army has mobilized 832 bomb disposal squads in connection with election security and 143 teams are on ready position.

It is said 100 personnel who were deployed for packing the election materials at the Election Commission premises have returned to their unit after completing their work responsibility.

The ballot papers for the election have been transported to mountainous districts Jumla, Mugu, Humla, Manang, Mustang, Dolpa and Bajura districts using the Army’s aircarft.

Printing of all ballot papers was carried out under the Army’s security before this.