Burqa impostion in Afghanistan: US says it has ‘leverage to wield with Taliban’


May 11, 2022


Burqa impostion in Afghanistan: US says it has ‘leverage to wield with Taliban’

Image for Representation. (Photo: ANI)

WASHINGTON: In the wake of a recent Taliban decree ordering compulsory all-covering burqa for women in Afghanistan’s public places, the US has called for an “end to these restrictive measures”.

US Department of State spokesperson Ned Price in a press conference on Monday said “when we’re acting with partners around the world, we have sources of leverage to wield with the Taliban.”

According to Price, the US has taken into account that the Taliban has continued “to adopt policies oppressing women and girls”, reported TOLO News. Price further added that such oppressions are a substitute for the Taliban to address “the acute economic crisis and the need for an inclusive government.” The spokesperson also stated that the US has urged the Taliban to put an end to these restrictions in Afghanistan.

The Invasion Of Ukraine Right Now Brainberries Further, Price emphasized that the US has always been one of the largest providers of humanitarian aid to the Afghanistan people, reported the TOLO News.

“We have provided hundreds of millions of dollars worth of humanitarian support, including an additional installment of humanitarian support recently,” said Price. “We’ve spoken, of course, of the reserves, half of which will be available to the people of Afghanistan.”

The US Department of State spokesperson has also condemned the Taliban’s policies toward the Afghan women calling it “an affront” to human rights. In addition, Price mentioned that such policies of the Taliban will result in hampering their relations with the international community.

Earlier this month Taliban made it mandatory for Afghan women to wear the all-covering burqa in public places, adding that if the decree was violated a male member of the family will be imprisoned for three days. The Taliban has also closed all secondary schools for girls in Afghanistan for which it received worldwide condemnation.

Several activists and political parties have urged the Taliban to reconsider the ban on secondary schools for girls. (ANI)