Leader Ganesh Man Singh’s 108th birth anniversary being commemorated today


November 10, 2022


Leader Ganesh Man Singh’s 108th birth anniversary being commemorated today

Late Ganeshman Singh/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The 108th birth anniversary of Ganesh Man Singh, the supreme commander of the people’s movement for restoration of democracy in 1990, is being commemorated today by organising various programs.

An epitome of audacity and sacrifice in Nepali politics, Singh was revered as the centre of integrity by all.

He is one politician who declined the post of Prime Minister offered him by then King Birendra immediately after the success of the First People’s Movement of 1990, which Singh had spearheaded.

Leader Singh instead offered the high post to his contemporary, leader Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, as a show of his sacrifice.

Ganesh Man Singh was born on November 9, 1915 in Chhetrapati of Kathmandu and passed away on September 18, 1997.

Born in an aristocratic family, Singh became the member of Nepal’s first political party, the Praja Parishad, which was established in 1997 BS.

He actively dedicated himself in the campaign of removing the autocratic Rana rule from the country.

He was jailed by the Rana regime for participating in insurrection to overthrow the regime.

He escaped from the Bhadragol Prison through a drainpipe and went into political exile in India.

There he met BP Koirala another leader who was also waging a movement to overthrow the autocratic Rana regime.

He joined the Nepali Congress led by Koirala and later himself guided the party.

Singh is a veteran freedom fighter. He took part in the armed struggle in Birgunj front as one of the leaders of the 2007 revolution against the Ranarchy.

He made major contributions to Nepal. His long struggle to bring democracy in the country is well chronicled.

Leader Singh not only participated in the movement against the Rana regime, he actively fought against the party-less Panchayat regime as well.

He made continuous efforts for the establishment of democracy over the autocratic rule of Ranas and the Panchayat.

Because of his long struggles despite formidable adversities, Leader Singh completed his mission- establishment of democracy – two times, once in 2007 BS and next in 2047 BS.

This won him the title ‘Iron Man’ in Nepali politics. The late Ganesh Man Singh is also remembered as a politician of principles.

Recognizing his outstanding contribution in the field of Human Rights, Singh was honoured by the United Nations with the “Human Rights Award” in 1993.

He is the first Statesman from South Asia to receive this prestigious award. Leader Singh was honured with the “United States Peace Run Prize” in 1990 for his contribution to peace in Nepal and the world and his leadership quality.

He was also conferred with the “U Thant Peace Award”. The Nepali Congress, its sister and well-wisher organisations are commemorating the birth anniversary of the ‘Iron Man’ of Nepali politics by organising various programmes.

The Ganesh Man Singh Foundation is organising a book release programme on the occasion at Chaksibari in which various books related to the late leader of democracy would be launched.