“Elections will be held in free, fair and fear-free environment”


October 10, 2022


“Elections will be held in free, fair and fear-free environment”

Minister of Communications, Gyanendra Bahadur Karki/File Photo

INARUWA: Government Spokesperson and Minister for Communication, Gyanendra Bahadur Karki, has said that the election to the member of the House of Representatives and Province Assembly on November 20 will be held in a free, fair, fear-free and credible environment.

Talking to journalists today, Minister Karki, who is also the government spokesperson, expressed the belief that the country would move ahead on the path of development, prosperity, good governance, peace, stability and economic stability after the upcoming election.

The Minister was here in connection with filing his nomination papers for the candidacy in the HoR member election from Sunsari district constituency number 4. He registered his candidacy on Sunday.

He said the next government would strive towards ending unemployment and poverty from the country.

Stating that the government has been effortful towards strengthening internal unity by protecting the constitution, he said his focus has been to make this constituency from he is elected to the parliament as the best constituency.

According to him, the Nepali Congress government has addressed the needs and aspirations of the citizens.

He urged the people to make a true evaluation of the works carried out by the government.

Minister Karki was elected from this constituency in the previous election and he has filed his nomination from the same constituency for the second time as well.