Locals concerned over decreasing water volume of Hyatrung waterfall


July 10, 2022


Locals concerned over decreasing water volume of Hyatrung waterfall

Hyatrung waterfall in Tehrathum. (Photo: social media)

KATHMANDU: Ninety eight-year-old Pahalman Khatri of Poyajung of Phedap Rural Municipality had childhood memories of Hyatrung waterfall when Hyatrung would fall with bigger water volume.

Since last few decades, the level of water has decreased, shared Khatri. ”When we were small kids, we used to go nearby Hyatrung waterfall to collect grass for our cattle,” said Khatri, ”We used to see good volume of water in the waterfall”.

Khatri does not have his contemporary friends of this village. All have passed away. However, Khatri still has the nostalgia of good Hyatrung waterfall. ”There used to be water in all 12 months of the year,” Khatrai recalled, adding, ”This is not seen these years as water level decreases rapidly after Dashain.” Khatri said Hyatrung does have good volume of water only for six months starting from Jestha to Kartik. In the rest six months, water level is almost nonexistent.

Even local officials are concerned on the decreased waterfall volume. ”We see good volume of water in the waterfall only for four to six months,”, said Bhogendra Shrestha, the Chief Administrative Office of the Phedap Rural Municipality. The waterfall located at the border of ward number 4 (Sandu) and 5 (Ishibu) has repelled many visitors just because of decreased waterfall.

”Many travelers have returned with tragic emotions after not seeing good water volume here,” said Tej Prashad Limbu, the local. ”Millions of rupees have been invested in the name of railing, foot track and other structures. But, not a penny has been invested to increase the water volume.”

Hyatrung is the 365-meter-tall waterfall of Nepal which is the tallest waterfall in the Province 1 and second tallest one in the whole of Nepal.

Nepal’s tallest waterfall is Pachal waterfall, which is 381-meter-tall and is located at Kalikot district of Karnali Province. (RSS)