All-party meeting initiates debate on naming Province-1


July 9, 2022


All-party meeting initiates debate on naming Province-1

Province Assembly of Province 1, Biratnagar. (File Photo)

BIRATNAGAR: An all-party meeting took place at the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers to finalize the name of Province No. 1.

The meeting attended by parliamentary party leaders of the province assembly initiated debate on naming the province.

The province government had called the meeting. Province-1 Chief Minister Rajendra Kumar Rai said the meeting was focused on finalizing the province name through ongoing province assembly session.

Present on the occasion were parliamentary party leader of main opposition CPN-UML, Bhim Acharya, Nepali Congress parliamentary party leader Rajib Koirala, CPN (Maoist Centre) parliamentary party leader and minister for economic affairs and planning Indra Bahadur Angbo and JSP parliamentary party leader and health minister Jayaram Yadav.

Likewise, Federal Democratic National Forum parliamentary party leader and minister of state for social development Bishnu Tumpahamphe and Rastriya Prajatanrta Party parliamentary party leader Indira Rai were also present on the occasion.

CM Rai shared the parties had a preliminary conversation on finalizing the name of the province through current assembly session.

“Parties had presented their preliminary opinion on the topic. The meeting has discussed for all parties to adopt flexibility and explore consensus on naming the province”, he shared.

The parties had presented different names of the province in the meeting so it was agreed to come up with alternative names in next meeting, CM Rai said.