Demand for seafood increasing in Nepal


June 9, 2022


Demand for seafood increasing in Nepal

Seafood on ice at the fish market. (Photo: istock)

KATHMANDU: The demand for seafood has increased in Nepal in recent years.

According to the Department of Customs, seafood worth over Rs 1.5 billion enters Nepal every year.

According to the department’s data for the first ten months of the current Fiscal Year 2021/22, seafood weighing 4.9 million kilograms worth Rs 1.23 billion entered Nepal from different countries.

According to the department, Nepal imports various types of fish, including salmon, catfish, dried Anchovies, along with shrimp, scallop and octopus, among other sea creatures.

Seafood is imported from various countries such as India, Thailand, Denmark, Vietnam, China, Norway, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, UK, South Korea and Qatar, among others.

In the preceding fiscal year 2020/21, Nepal had imported 6.3 million kg of seafood worth Rs 1.69 billion from different countries.

Before that, in fiscal 2019/20, 6.8 million kg of seafood worth Rs 1.76 billion was imported.