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Determining areas of a vehicle that needs attention

09 February 2022  

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Being informed on technology advancements is one of the engineers’ principal jobs.

With the technological advancement in electronics, more advanced control functionality has been developed.

Technology advancement has improved efficiency levels significantly as it has made lives much easier and simpler.

The automobile industry, too, is not left behind in technology advancement.

In the field of automobiles, technology is rapidly developing, and the onboard diagnosis of a vehicle using a scanner makes the work easier as the scanner or the diagnostic test determines the real cause of the vehicle’s issue.

It makes a technician’s work easier, and shows the error on the laptop or a tablet that makes people find the fault instantly.

One can also carry out the actuation test in this kind of technology by testing the vehicle to make sure whether the different components are working or not that helps the technicians to resolve a problem or fix the issue.

What is OBD diagnosis?

OBD Stands for On-Board Diagnostics. Nowadays the OBD of a vehicle makes our work easier by using a scanner during diagnosis to detect the fault of the vehicle system similar to that of the ultrasound to examine the people’s health condition to detect the problem inside the body system.

What before OBD?

Before the OBD diagnosis system in a vehicle, it was so complicated to diagnose what actually the fault was. When there was a fault in one system, we needed to check the entire system, which was time-consuming.

Knowing OBD

Firstly, technical work is dangerous and complicated to figure out the problem inside the system, which has multiple components interconnected. Therefore, the OBD works as a friendly tool that guides the problem and gives a possible solution.

How OBD diagnoses the problem

Let’s assume that the sensor is the sense organ of our body system, and the ECU as the brain, among others.

The OBD system collects information from the network of sensors inside the vehicle. The system is then used to regulate the vehicle systems or alert the user to the problems. A technician then simply can plug into the OBD system to collect vehicle data and diagnose the problem.

Problems of this technology

However, even though this technology has made the work easy, there are some problems too. This system sometimes causes problems since many technicians are unaware of the system and different new kinds of components in it.


A fault diagnosis system in a vehicle makes it easier to detect a problem in a new vehicle system. Therefore, this kind of technology must be used and should be encouraged to diagnose the faults.

Publish Date : 09 February 2022 08:18 AM

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